Claire Pearce

b. 1994, County Durham UK (UK National) 

Lives and works in London, UK

Contact: @claire__pearce


2017-2019             MFA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art 

2014-2017             BA(Hons) Intermedia Art, Edinburgh College of Art

2013-2014             Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, New College Nottingham 


2019 The Slade Prize, Slade School of Fine Art

2018       The Anthony Dawson Print Award

2019 Tiffany & Co. x Outset Studiomakers Prize nomination   

2019 Almacantar Studio Prize nomination   

2016       ESAF Best Visual Artist 2016, Edinburgh Student Arts Festival

2018       Max Werner Drawing Prize nomination 

2018       Redress UCL Art Museum Slade Collaboration nomination 

2014       Derwent Sponsor Me, Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company 


2019 Fitting-Room Residency, (SKIP Gallery), Selfridges &Co., London

2019 Slade Summer School Art Education Residency, Slade School of Fine Art    

Solo exhibitions

2017       The MoonBeam UltraLand Convention, (Rhythm Machine), SummerHall, Edinburgh

2016       Gobble, Gobble, Gobble: A Massacre of Lust, Trinity Apse, Edinburgh 

Selected group exhibitions

2019 Bite the Bullet, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London

2019 Creaking Features, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2018       Videosport, Good Sport Gallery, London, Canada

2019 Love Symposium, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2018       Becoming Secret Branch, SET Studios Bermondsey, London

2016       OUT/IN, West Barns Studios, Dunbar, Scotland 

2015       The London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London 

2016       Open Your Lips, The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

2016       Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh 

2015        Shift and Spin, Stanley Mills, Perthshire, Scotland 

2014       Sandergram, Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery, Leicester 

2015       Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

2016       Drawing on Drawing, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh  

2016       Bookmarks Art Book Fair, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Press / Publications

Press / publications

2019 Women in The Arts: a celebration (State of the Arts), Selfridges & Co.; 2019 Meet the artists setting up a skip inside Selfridges, Londonist; 2019 SKIP Gallery moves into Selfridges, FAD Magazine; 2019 What we learned this week, Elephant; 2019 Like it or Lump it, Time Out London; 2018 Graduate Research Weeks 2017-18, Slade Press; 2016 ESAF Behind the Scenes: Claire Pearce’s Gobble Gobble Gobble interview, Edinburgh Student Arts Festival; 2015 The Most Expensive Land in the UK*, The Wee Red Herring; 2016 Claire Pearce interview, Edinburgh Student Arts Festival